Solarora's engineering partners have over 20 years of expertise as installers, designers and consultants. With our products, they provide full-service energy installation solutions.

They manage all areas of the solar solutions process, from the initial analysis to post-installation permit approvals. Solarora provides the tools you need to harness the sun's light and make renewable electricity for your home or business. Together with our parters, we are building a clean, efficient future. Whether residential or commercial, our experts provide solutions that meet the individual energy needs of each customer.

Solarora has partnered with Frontline Safety (FSNY) to ensure that we design and deliver the highest quality products in accordance with state, national, and international safety standards.

FSNY offers over 20 years of industry recognized Safety auditing, training, and planning in accordance with Federal OSHA Standards. FSNY is well versed in safety auditing and quality testing for renewable energy devices, safety products and solutions, construction sites and general safety operations. Pop-up Audits give leadership insight to how their facility or site would actually measure up against regional or national industry audits.